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Collabarative Services

What business intelligence and analytics tools are to structured data, collaboration tools such as e room, Microsoft SharePoint are to unstructured data like the documents, e-mails, presentations, spreadsheets and other content that are the life blood of an organization’s daily internal and external communications. Information that is not easily found, or which cannot be easily searched or shared slows organizations down, drives process inefficiencies and results in poor decision-making. Efficient collaboration, however, brings fluidity, agility and responsiveness.

With advent of new technologies collaboration has become so compelling. Collaboration services provide a platform for the employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Since the world has become a global village with work spread over various Geographical location and communication not an issue at all, collaboration has become inevitable to better productivity. We believe collaboration is all about transforming how you work together to drive competitive advantage for your enterprise

Collaboration services is all about making it easier to find the right people and right content right when you need it by connecting people, improving content collaboration and optimizing the process, thus adding value to the organization.

Collaboration Services answers the following

Our collaboration specialists offer end-to-end services, from planning, to building to running your solution. We have deep expertise in user experience design, governance, and change enablement, which are critical to the success of collaboration initiatives.

Major Advantages
  • Improves on business agility to Work more nimbly internally and with partners and suppliers
  • Provides a knowledge base for better harness human capital knowledge and intellectual property
  • Improves on operational efficiency by Streamlining processes and workflow.
  • Improves planning, visibility and access. Reduce technology and travel costs.
  • Create an environment to attract and retain a progressive workforce by providing better workplace satisfaction. It is more less like a virtual ,digital workplace .

Our expertise includes in building custom Collaboration services for a given problem or provides solutions using existing collaboration platforms like e Room, SharePoint and other open sources.

Our solutions include building
  • Enterprise Portal that help the organization to collaborate.
  • Integrating Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and others directly into your application
  • Migration Services from one collobrative platfrom to other
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