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Business Leads Manager

Business Eqnuiry & Leads Manager

Enquiry management system (EMS) is a smart and intuitive web based tool for sales enquiry and lead management which helps you manage leads in an effective and organized way.

EMS is designed with the view to cater your business needs. All important details such as customer information, reminders of follow-ups and more are captured in EMS .It gives you the complete insight of information.

EMS is simple, affordable and easy to use sales lead management that helps you provide all the required information easily at your finger tips, thus letting you respond to customers/prospects quickly, focus on important activities such as working on strategy to improve sales, building strong relationship with your customers or prospects, generating more leads and much more. EMS is a custom software build to cater to your needs


Major Features

   Manage employees
   Manage clienta
  Captures complete lead information such as contact details, source of enquiry, products enquired
  Complete insight into follow-up
  Enquiry / Lead Status
  Maintain payment details of order booked
  Assign leads to the sales executives
  Measure team/employee performance
  Improve communication with prospects by sending Emails/SMS
  Access data from anywhere , across multiple branches and locations
  Export data to excel to build customized report for further MIS and forecasting

Common problems faced in Sales/Marketing

   Tired of maintaining sales lead in Excel?
   Unable to manage details of information?
  Struggling to get the information on time?
  Worried about the security and tampering of data?
  Difficulty in tracking the entire enquiry process?
  Problems faced by Sales/Marketing Executive?

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